Under 10 Whirlwinds

Get your hockey career off to a Whirlwind start!

Welcome to Kilmarnock Whirlwinds, the place to be for aspiring ice hockey youngsters!

Developed by highly experienced coaches, and focussed management, our under 10s and Learn-to-play programmes provide a fun-filled, energy-busting, environment.

Join our cool sport, whether you’re completely new to the ice, or have some hockey experience.

Our expert coaches will help you develop and find your feet in a challenging but highly entertaining and rewarding sport. No try outs necessary!


Our learn to play co-ordinator will be able to get you started and provide you with all the tools and equipment you need to get going.

The first session is free, and following sessions cost £5 per session.

Equipment hire is free *subject to availability.

Under 10s

Progress on to the Under 10s Whirlwinds provides players with ample, and competitive, playing opportunities against a range of local and further-afield ice hockey teams. Our under 10s regularly have different types of games including “Cross Ice”, “Half Ice” and full ice games.

These games provide challenging, and fun, activity and help to promote ice hockey experience and physical fitness, and help you be part of the most fun sports team anywhere!

Why not join us? Our experienced coaches and management team look forward to hearing from you!

Under 10 Whirlwinds

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